Why Is SEO Important for website?

When it comes to online marketing initiatives, Search Engine Optimization is very important. In fact, it may be the most economical and efficient form of marketing available on the web. There are three main reasons why a well-devised SEO campaign is so powerful and potent. Search engine organic traffic is:


10 Tips for a high ranking website

These 10 tips will help you maximize the impact of your website in order to increase engagement among consumers and keep visitors coming back for more without paying to marketing firms

1. SEO-Friendly URL

You need to make sure that the URL of your site is SEO-friendly. Only use keywords that are relevant to your business and relate to it in some way. Avoid using long URLs, and if possible separate terms using hyphens. The URL should give people an idea about your business.

2. Optimized Images

To get a better rank in the search results, optimize your images along with the text on your website. Avoid using large images on your website. Keep the image size from 30 to 100 KB with a resolution of 72 dpi.

Large images make your site load slower. When you are creating an alt image text, make sure that you use keywords in graphics, header images, logo images, and buttons on each page.

Security illustration

Why SSL is important?

Many websites will soon get a boost in their ranking. This is going to happen by Google implementing a SSL certificate onto websites. This certificate automatically gives a boot in the site’s ranking.

Though this certificate will raise a websites ranking, it will only be a minor raise. In fact, Google announced that this raise does not compare with that of a website containing quality content.

According to Google specialists, this SSL certificate will send forth a strong signal, and this strong signal will give a website the raise. These specialists have also stated that they will only affect one percent of websites. The goal that Google has is for all people to switch their website from HTTP to HTTPS. Google has tested HTTPS in every way, and there is no sign of negativity at all.

Max Cutts, Google’s manager of search spam, once said he would love to make SSL factor into ranking. Though Max is on leave for a great while, Google has started this project without him, and they are looking successful.


5 Advantages Of Responsive Web Design

When it comes to today’s web design point of view, responsive web design is the most important thing. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more hi-tech every single day. This is making mobile websites more important on a daily basis.

Smartphones and tablets have changes the experience that people have when it comes to website design. There was a time when web browsing was not so advanced on phones and tablets. This meant that website owners had the challenge of keeping their website the same, and this is the only challenge they had in terms of design.

There is much more that website owners and developers have to worry about concerning responsive web design. This includes things like: touch-screen, Adobe updates, and much more.

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